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December 6, 2011

Tuesday – In The Old House

One day, I visited my friend’s new home. It was a flat. I looked into every room to see how she lives. Yes, I even looked out of each window. But the window on the east side of the flat let me look out into an old garden. Old roses, everything rusted. It made a creepy view, especially the old house with the old windows. They were broken. ‘Oh, I know’ said my friend when he saw me standing in front of the window all the time, ‘No one has lived there for a long time! What an old house.’

That night, I started to imagine, how the then-owner would look like. What does she wear?   I thought, maybe this:

My Neighbor

TopShop knit top
£46 –

Dickins Jones silk coat
£200 –

True Religion skinny leg jeans
$270 –

Party shoes
£31 –


Well, the black jeans isn’t old looking at all, but I wanted to modify the mood into a street style, so you could wear in a normal live as usual. I chose a shirt with birds on it and a purple party shoe. But the red silk coat looks vintage-like, doesn’t it? The make-up will also make the right mood.

If you want to shop the outfit, you might visit the links above.

November 2, 2011

Link Ink

Today and yesterday – old and new. Why not looking back into the past: How does fashion looks like in the past? I collected some links which helps you to turn into a vintage-styled person:

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