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December 5, 2011

Monday – BLUE

Blue is a beautiful color, isn’t it? Well, actually I love all colors, but today I liked blue most. I don’t know why, but I that was in my mind all the day long!

So I created a blue outfit.

First I picked the blue KIMONO with the bold colored edges on the sleeves. When I searched for the right shoes, I had to pick a shoe which is blue (of course!) and there must be some white space and it has to be more detailed so there will be variety in the outfit. I picked the awesome blue glitter clutch because it just look cute and would match to the blue outfit. At the end I added a black necklace. Some black color won’t defect the blue color!

November 22, 2011

Tuesday – Luxury in Blue

Oh, hello! Haven’t seen a long time. Maybe for 5 days! Woah! I’m sorry, I haven’t blooged for a loooooong time! I didn’t had the time. I was too busy in the last days. Phew!

So this is my COMEBACK!

For my COMEBACK I created a luxury outfit including a blue coat and blue shoes. They match well with the luxury black leggings and the black bag.