November 23, 2011

Get inspired!

When I walked around in the market in town, I saw many knitted long dresses. They were fantastic! I love things which inspire me.

What about these?




November 23, 2011

Wednesday – Under 50

Usually I create outfit including expensive clothe. But this time I promise, each article is under 50£.

Under 50

This is what they each cost:

  • the dress: 40£
  • the shoes: 50£
  • the jewelry: 13£
November 22, 2011

Link Ink

When I walked down the streets on this cold day, I saw  kaleidoscope picture. It looked, like it would wave at me somehow… Well, I really like the outfit you can see in the picture above (I found it on pinterest). The pattern looks like a kaleidoscope. Cute!

Here are some interesting links:


November 22, 2011

Tuesday – Luxury in Blue

Oh, hello! Haven’t seen a long time. Maybe for 5 days! Woah! I’m sorry, I haven’t blooged for a loooooong time! I didn’t had the time. I was too busy in the last days. Phew!

So this is my COMEBACK!

For my COMEBACK I created a luxury outfit including a blue coat and blue shoes. They match well with the luxury black leggings and the black bag.

November 16, 2011

I’m a (white) Barbie Girl

I think you all know the Barbie doll. She usually has blonde hair, long legs, a thin body just like a model, but everything of her is out of plastic (except of her clothe), isn’t it?

Yes, indeed! Just like the white version. Ok, it’s not a Barbie doll, but if you look on the pictures below there are white models. They are staged with some plastic things, like bottles.

PS.: Thanks to that I found this!

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November 16, 2011

Wednesday – Wool Dress

Oh… I love wool dresses. They are warm and they can look stylish. Today I saw one on the street.

I also created an outfit including a wool dress. I think the platform heels and the white bracelet will match perfect with the dress! You just have to imagine a woman standing on the street with this outfit. Well, I’d like it.

Wool Dress
November 15, 2011

Link Ink

Recently I visited Miss Moss and found another fashion designer: Licia Florio! I’m really interested in the colors she used and well chosen fabrics. And look at the light color!

Want to visit more links? Here they are:


November 15, 2011

Tuesday – Look Into The Sky!

Today was just another cold day. Walking from the streets and kicking away the autumn leaves, I looked into the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow showing its color very shy. But it was a great feeling to see a rainbow again after I haven’t seen any a long time!

At home again, I wanted to make my very own rainbow. Well, I used the ‘autumn’ rainbow colors in the outfit below:

November 14, 2011

Fall 2011 Collection

Oh no! The leaves are leaving their trees alone. They’re falling down from the branches of the tree to the ground and maybe (if they’re lucky or not lucky) people will pick them up and bring them somewhere just like the wind when he blows the sand from the desert to somewhere to another part of the earth.

Ok, I’m talking about fall. I found some nice designs by Yves St. Laurent. They look just like leaves falling from the branches of tree… Like fall. No, actually it’s just a fall collection. So doesn’t have to look like fall, all right?

Look at her shoes!

I found this collection at .


November 14, 2011

Monday – PURPLE

Walking through the street like a yummy plum. That’s how my outfit should look like. Like a purple plum, wrapped inside a black coat:


Well, first I put the purple batik top on the picture and then the skinny jeans. After it, I added the pretty purple heels and at last the black coat.

November 14, 2011

Link Ink

I know it from my everyday life: sharping pencils. Drawing, then sharping, drawing, than sharping. It goes that way on and on when I draw pictures. But I never came up to the idea to create a picture out of the pencil shavings just like on the picture above.


And now, I have to share a few things with you:


November 13, 2011

Sunday – Retro Girl

I always thought about creating a retro outfit. It was easy to find the right clothes! I was very excited to bring them all together and get a retro-styled outfit in the colors: green, blue and pink.

With The Sequin Skirt

I started with picking the black sequin mini. Then I added a colorful sheer shirt which matches well with the Jeffrey Campbell heels. I also added a retro bracelet which looks like it has a picture on it and the picture shows a history or symbols.

November 12, 2011

Nice Shot!

In the previous article, I’ve told about light, right?
Then I wanted to see more light. Here is light by Thomas Wakeford:

November 12, 2011

Saturday – Highlight

When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining through my window, so I couldn’t wait for my breakfast, to practice piano, to feed my birds and etc. I just had appetite in doing everything. I’m so excited! Light is giving me energy just like the light does to make the plants grow.

Walking on the street like light will make people happier. Believe me! I decided to create an autumn light outfit:

The light brown dress with the old painting on it was like a magnet! I had to pick this. It’s like light for me. Then on your feet a pair of light heel booties and in your hand a bag which has fur – cute!