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December 10, 2011

Saturday – TYP

Today’s Saturday. This is what I made today:


MASSCOB bow dress
558 DKK –

Jil Sander leather tote handbag
$1,445 –


I really love the beautiful bow dress with the tartan pattern. I wanted to add strong colors to the plain-looking tartan. So I picked cute pink leather heels and a yellow leather handbag. The make-up is a paly pink on the eye lids.

December 7, 2011

Wednesday – Intergalactic Colors

Are you interested in astronomy? Well, I do. It feels very strange when I try to imagine, how big this world is and how small we are. Today, I tried to imagine it again and I made an outfit with intergalactic colors.

Intergalactic Colors

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sheer blouse
$286 –

Printed legging
$55 –

Black high heels
£4.99 –

Desigual shopping bag
£54 –


First, I found these intergalactic-awesome pants. That was it, it was just the right one to create my outfit, I thought. Corresponding to the pants, I added black high heels and a black fluffy shirt. They picture the black space, so dark… I also wanted to add a bag into my outfit, a bag with the almost same colors as the ones of the pants. The make-up does the same.

If you want to shop the outfit, just visit the links above.

December 6, 2011

Tuesday – In The Old House

One day, I visited my friend’s new home. It was a flat. I looked into every room to see how she lives. Yes, I even looked out of each window. But the window on the east side of the flat let me look out into an old garden. Old roses, everything rusted. It made a creepy view, especially the old house with the old windows. They were broken. ‘Oh, I know’ said my friend when he saw me standing in front of the window all the time, ‘No one has lived there for a long time! What an old house.’

That night, I started to imagine, how the then-owner would look like. What does she wear?   I thought, maybe this:

My Neighbor

TopShop knit top
£46 –

Dickins Jones silk coat
£200 –

True Religion skinny leg jeans
$270 –

Party shoes
£31 –


Well, the black jeans isn’t old looking at all, but I wanted to modify the mood into a street style, so you could wear in a normal live as usual. I chose a shirt with birds on it and a purple party shoe. But the red silk coat looks vintage-like, doesn’t it? The make-up will also make the right mood.

If you want to shop the outfit, you might visit the links above.

December 5, 2011

Monday – BLUE

Blue is a beautiful color, isn’t it? Well, actually I love all colors, but today I liked blue most. I don’t know why, but I that was in my mind all the day long!

So I created a blue outfit.

First I picked the blue KIMONO with the bold colored edges on the sleeves. When I searched for the right shoes, I had to pick a shoe which is blue (of course!) and there must be some white space and it has to be more detailed so there will be variety in the outfit. I picked the awesome blue glitter clutch because it just look cute and would match to the blue outfit. At the end I added a black necklace. Some black color won’t defect the blue color!

December 4, 2011

Sunday – Creamy

What is your favorite dessert? Well, I have a lot of favorite desserts! Oh, and one of them is creamy strawberry ice cream for hot days…

So let me show you my creamy outfit!

First, I added the pullover with the creamy color. It really looks like the color of strawberry ice cream! I also added a white legging (looks like white cream), a white scarf and silver boots like the glass in which the ice cream is in. The ring is matching well with the colors of the pullover. Uh-oh, and don’t forget t put on sunglasses on sunny days!

December 2, 2011

Friday – Snow On Red Roses

Is the snow already falling in front of your door? Well, I’m still waiting…
I miss the roses which are covered in snow.

I wanted to bring the roses here…
The red skirt with the roses on it will simulate the roses covered under snow. The shoes, the bag and the shirt will do the cold snow.

November 25, 2011

Friday – Between Strawberries

I really love strawberries. It just came up to my mind, then I created a ‘strawberry outift’.

I think the white top looks like white sweet cream on fresh red strawberries. The shoes will make you higher and the bag just makes the last color, I needed in my outfit.

November 24, 2011

Thursday – Next Summer

It was really cold today. It’s almost winter! I can’t wait for the first snow, but I wish, it would be much warmer… There must be a warm winter.

So maybe, then I’ll wear this:

A blue top without sleeves and wide, grey, short pants. Of course, sunglasses are a sign that there must be sun – a lot of sun. Just like summer. Just the heels will make the feet warm. Whatever…

November 23, 2011

Wednesday – Under 50

Usually I create outfit including expensive clothe. But this time I promise, each article is under 50£.

Under 50

This is what they each cost:

  • the dress: 40£
  • the shoes: 50£
  • the jewelry: 13£
November 22, 2011

Tuesday – Luxury in Blue

Oh, hello! Haven’t seen a long time. Maybe for 5 days! Woah! I’m sorry, I haven’t blooged for a loooooong time! I didn’t had the time. I was too busy in the last days. Phew!

So this is my COMEBACK!

For my COMEBACK I created a luxury outfit including a blue coat and blue shoes. They match well with the luxury black leggings and the black bag.

November 16, 2011

Wednesday – Wool Dress

Oh… I love wool dresses. They are warm and they can look stylish. Today I saw one on the street.

I also created an outfit including a wool dress. I think the platform heels and the white bracelet will match perfect with the dress! You just have to imagine a woman standing on the street with this outfit. Well, I’d like it.

Wool Dress
November 15, 2011

Tuesday – Look Into The Sky!

Today was just another cold day. Walking from the streets and kicking away the autumn leaves, I looked into the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow showing its color very shy. But it was a great feeling to see a rainbow again after I haven’t seen any a long time!

At home again, I wanted to make my very own rainbow. Well, I used the ‘autumn’ rainbow colors in the outfit below:

November 14, 2011

Monday – PURPLE

Walking through the street like a yummy plum. That’s how my outfit should look like. Like a purple plum, wrapped inside a black coat:


Well, first I put the purple batik top on the picture and then the skinny jeans. After it, I added the pretty purple heels and at last the black coat.

November 13, 2011

Sunday – Retro Girl

I always thought about creating a retro outfit. It was easy to find the right clothes! I was very excited to bring them all together and get a retro-styled outfit in the colors: green, blue and pink.

With The Sequin Skirt

I started with picking the black sequin mini. Then I added a colorful sheer shirt which matches well with the Jeffrey Campbell heels. I also added a retro bracelet which looks like it has a picture on it and the picture shows a history or symbols.