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December 7, 2011

Elegant Gold

This is luxury! Just take a look. I found a luxury gold outfit collection on pinterest. What do you think?

Golden lips. Soft gold.

This outfit has golden tones. It shows a lady on a field with a little lamb in her arms. The golden color matches perfect with the mood: look at her eyes, they don’t look very happy, having the lamb in her arms maybe makes her feel better. Who knows? The photo shows the expressions very well!

Golden nails look very polished. It will give your finger tips shining points which let people take a look at your fingers!

I love this dress, especially if it is ‘swooshed’ like in the picture. Then it looks like the person who wears the dress is trying to spread out gold all around her!

This is a very elegant look. The plain coat lets the golden jewelry come out. The plain and the gold  makes the elegant look.

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December 2, 2011

A Desert Nomad

When I visited I found her latest style and love it! The jeans jacket, the scarf, the striped shirt and the cute make her look like a desert nomad – good name!

November 25, 2011

Pretty Color Combination!

When I checked out one of my favorite blogs (Atlantic-Pacific) today, I was very amazed at what I found. ‘Atlantic-Pacific-blogger’ has dressed up herself again and used special colors. I think, it’s a great combination. Also like the photos!

PS.: Check it out at her blog!

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November 23, 2011

Get inspired!

When I walked around in the market in town, I saw many knitted long dresses. They were fantastic! I love things which inspire me.

What about these?




November 16, 2011

I’m a (white) Barbie Girl

I think you all know the Barbie doll. She usually has blonde hair, long legs, a thin body just like a model, but everything of her is out of plastic (except of her clothe), isn’t it?

Yes, indeed! Just like the white version. Ok, it’s not a Barbie doll, but if you look on the pictures below there are white models. They are staged with some plastic things, like bottles.

PS.: Thanks to that I found this!

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November 14, 2011

Fall 2011 Collection

Oh no! The leaves are leaving their trees alone. They’re falling down from the branches of the tree to the ground and maybe (if they’re lucky or not lucky) people will pick them up and bring them somewhere just like the wind when he blows the sand from the desert to somewhere to another part of the earth.

Ok, I’m talking about fall. I found some nice designs by Yves St. Laurent. They look just like leaves falling from the branches of tree… Like fall. No, actually it’s just a fall collection. So doesn’t have to look like fall, all right?

Look at her shoes!

I found this collection at .


November 12, 2011

Nice Shot!

In the previous article, I’ve told about light, right?
Then I wanted to see more light. Here is light by Thomas Wakeford:

November 11, 2011

Nice Shot!

I think black outfits, will make people ‘disappear’ in the shadow. And also ‘disappear’ between a crowd of people. The most of us only would look closely on unique and colorful outfits. The colors are like ‘signals’ and show attract you.

But, have you ever look closely on black unremarkable clothes? Sometimes, they look elegant, sometimes if you look closely and you’ve found something amazing in it, it feels, like you’ve a treasure, which nobody else can see. Amazing, huh? Look at the way, the black clothe is used.

And now? Let me test you! I searched for some black outfits. Maybe you’ll find something…





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November 8, 2011

Nice Shot!

It wasn’t today, but another one. I walked around in town to try different kebab restaurants in the city center. When I walked home, I took some photos of what the people around me wear.

My shoes.

Shoes of somebody else...

Red Tom Taylor bag.

Shoes again (not mine!)

And again.

Men Shoes & Woman Shoes

Last shot: leather bag and blue blouse

November 6, 2011

Nice Shot!

Today I browsed for some nice fashion photos (at …. and found some beautiful photos by Johnny Villaronga.

Look at the colors! How perfect they match with the location. And look at the pretty dresses!

November 3, 2011

Cuties’ Style

Watching little cute kids playing outside, made me think of my little childhood. I had a red dress with black roses, a striped dress and I really loved to put hair clips on the outer side of my trousers to look like a cow girl. Yes, but today it’s different, of course!

At home I wanted to look for kid’s style photos. And I found some cute pictures…

I found the following photos at pinterest:


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