Thanks for visiting my blog! I’d like you to read this page to know more about my blog:

1) Who’s the author?

Hello, I’m the Fashion Liony, author of this blog. I blogged since the 1st November 2011.

I’m a person who likes animals, ginger, fresh air and especially fashion.
I have two budgerigars, a red bed, a small grey laptop from TOUGHBOOK which I can carry everywhere I go. A laptop which is water resistant and not easy to break.
I have a camera (SONY F717, but I want to expand my picture’s quality, so I’m saving my money to buy a SONY NEX camera). I carry it everywhere, too.

2) What is this blog about?

I’m writing about fashion and write these following series:

  • What To Wear – some inspirations what to wear
  • Celebrities’ Style – see what celebrities wear!
  • Link Ink – sharing some links
  • Spotted Brands – maybe you already know these brands, maybe you don’t, maybe it’s a very famous brand, so, just take a look!

Coming soon:

  • Chanel – watch some videos I made.
  • Poem – poems about fashion.
  • Interview – an interview with other fashionbloggers
  • Week’s Collection – a collection of photos I created during the week and it will be always posted on Sundays

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