Elegant Gold

This is luxury! Just take a look. I found a luxury gold outfit collection on pinterest. What do you think?

Golden lips. Soft gold.

This outfit has golden tones. It shows a lady on a field with a little lamb in her arms. The golden color matches perfect with the mood: look at her eyes, they don’t look very happy, having the lamb in her arms maybe makes her feel better. Who knows? The photo shows the expressions very well!

Golden nails look very polished. It will give your finger tips shining points which let people take a look at your fingers!

I love this dress, especially if it is ‘swooshed’ like in the picture. Then it looks like the person who wears the dress is trying to spread out gold all around her!

This is a very elegant look. The plain coat lets the golden jewelry come out. The plain and the gold  makes the elegant look.

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One Comment to “Elegant Gold”

  1. I love all of these images! I really love the last one with the chunky necklace! Great job!


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